"NONCHI" is a drawing artist with a distinctive view of the world, with a flood of colors, unique lines influenced by Japanese animation and manga in the 80's & 90's era. And the emotions in the eyes of the people "NONCHI" draws, you can easily recognize that it's a painting by "NONCHI." In addition to her life's work, the Girls series, she also does commercial illustrations, portraits, character designs, LINE stickers, etc. Please take a look at her world.

 NONCHI's sample artwork booklet is available for download.(107MB)
download NONCHI's Booklet

If you need further information, please feel free to send us a message through this page.

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Other NONCHI's info:
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★LINE stickers

 In addition to drawing, "NONCHI" is also a lyricist and singer. Please check out her singing voice on YouTube.


We are also looking for local art dealers, art galleries, and business partners to deal with NONCHI's art and products in various cities. Please feel free to contact us.

NONCHI's paintings are drawn on the computer from a preliminary sketch to a digital image of the finished product, printed out with a high-quality Giclee printout, and then finished using various materials to create an a-one-of-kind art piece.

NONCHI also creates reproductions of NONCHI's artwork as digital lithographs to hang in the rooms casually.

If you have further inquiries or questions, Pls contact NONCHI's via this website.